Gabe Jacobs

Frontman (Lead vocals)

Gabriel has been an internationally acclaimed vocalist.  His powerful and versatile vocal qualities have made him highly sought after for his ability to emulate many vocal styles.Including, are the likes of Steve Perry (from Journey), GeddyLee (from Rush), Peter Cetera (from Chicago), Russell Hitchcock (from Air Supply) & many others.

He studied private voice technique and participated in a number of vocal competitions throughout grade school and junior college. Gabe successfully completed the vocal program at Music Tech (aka The Mc Nally School of Music) in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.  Most recently, he has become engaged in the Per Bristow ( advanced vocal technique program.

Gabriel Jacobs spent most of his young adult years living in the upper Midwest (Minnesota/Wisconsin). He sang and played guitar in various notable working bands:  Jonah And TheWhales, Transit Authority, Froze In Time, The Game & Arch Allies; just to name a few.

Mr. Jacobs indulges his audiences most passionately with his intensely melodic and fluid vocal artistry.  Gabe is a truly seasoned professional.  He’s had the pleasure of sharing the stage with great artists such as, Loverboy; Denis De Young (from Styx); Mickey Thomas (from Starship); Don Dokken; Santana and many other greats.  Gabriel has also enjoyed the privilege of performing with Grammy Award winning songwriter/musician, Jim Peterik (from the 80’s band Survivor), who’s most noted for composing ‘The Eye Of The Tiger’ (theme from Rocky III, with Sylvester Stallone).

Ultimately, Gabe now finds himself in the ideal combination of very loving and kind hearted Christian people who care mostly about spreading great joy to their audiences as well as to the people they work for and/or with.  

Get ready to sing along fanatically, with some of the greatest music ever written, just as you remember it in your heart.

Randy Keeley

Guitarist & Vocals



Randy started playing out professionally at age 15.

Over the years, he has worked with a long list of people, doing a variety of music. He is usually juggling multiple projects, and has performed on many stages, large andsmall, as well as main stages with national artists, 

More recently, Randy spent the last 20 years with the Minnesota based recording Artists Gypsy. “Gypsy has given me some of the best musical experiences of my life. I have met some wonderful people, and have learned a lot”. As Gypsy slows down, Randy was asked to join SFO. “This will be quite different from Gypsy, but I am really looking forward to it, and meeting new friends along the way”.


When not performing with Gypsy or SFO, you can see a softer side of Randy with the duo Beebe & Keeley. Though Randy has usually been with bands he welcomes the duo. “The duo allows me to experiment and try new things, which I enjoy. We don’t use backing tracks, we just keep it simple and real and I like that”.


Randy has also toured as a guitar and bass tech for Steve Farris and Richard Page of Mr Mister traveling with Heart on the Bad Animals Tour. Through that time he met many international recording artists, and was given theopportunity to continue touring as a career, but he turned it down. “I decided early on that I wanted be the one to PLAY the guitar, instead of handing it off. Even if it was nothing more than a corner stage somewhere”.


Apart from being on stage, he is also one of three partnersat Metro Sound And Lighting in St Paul where he heads up the Contracting Division. Randy designs and oversees the installation of commercial audio, video, and lighting projects for a wide variety of applications.


Randy is also a big VIKINGS fan!  A season ticket holder who will be poking fun at Phil Marshall’s Packers! J


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Steve Witzigman


Steve Witzigman, top of his class Drummer from PIT in Hollywood California, has a reputation for being one of the top hitters in the music industry. It is rumored, his mother had to provide permission slips for him to start performing in clubs at the age of 15.

During the 80's, he sported BIG hair, eyeliner, and spandex. His tours across the country began with "Employer", and "Code Blue". This musical journey  of the past 30 years, has led him down many paths( too many to list). If you want to hear note for note Journey, Steve will rock your world!

His past Journey tribute bands have included," Separate Ways", "Wheel In The Sky", and "Revelation". Undoubtedly his passion and experience have earned him his reputation. JOURNEY, is his wheelhouse.

SFO A TRIBUTE TO JOURNEY, has welcomed Steve Witzigman with "Open Arms". He is ready to take this musical "JOURNEY" straight to the top!

Tom Dario

Bass Guitar

Born in St. Paul, MN, Tom began playing guitar around 14 yrs. old and then switched to bass guitar as the group needed one. He played off and on through high school and during his days in the military and then put it down. 

In 1990 he started playing again with a couple of friends of his and formed the band “The Late Arrivals” playing 50’s - 80’s music. This went on for about 4 years.

At that point he met Kevin Todd and Greg Ernst and formed a band called “Double Shot” which later became "Rock Island” and then “Separate Ways”. Later Kevin and Tom moved on to form “Arch Allies”, a Journey, Styx and REO Speedwagon Tribute Show. Tom played 6 years with the group and then retired.

Coaxed out of retirement after 2 years, here he is with “SFO A Tribute to Journey” also doing a Salute to Foreigner and Kansas.

Chris Chandler

Keyboards & Vocals

Minnesota native Chris Chandler first picked up the guitar at the tender age of 10 after hearing Jimmy page on Led Zeppelin’s second album. From that point he was hooked. Chris spent many hours listening to records and learning as much as he could from these “teachers”. He lists Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Eric Johnson as players that have influenced him greatly.

Chris attended Musicians Technical Institute in Minneapolis(now The McNally Smith College of Music located in St. Paul, MN) . There his studies focused on voice and piano. Coincidentally, Chris graduated from there just a few months before SFO member Gabriel began his studies. Small world!

After music school, Chris started playing professionally as a drummer in a short lived Elton John tribute band called Captain Fantastic. Soon afterwards he joined a band called Sonik Envy which is where he met SFO drummer Steve Witzigman. Chris was also a member of Journey tribute band Wheel in the Sky which included current SFO members Steve Witzigman and Tom Dario.

Phil Marshall


My musical roots span from early Robin Trower , Kansas , Boston.With Bands and projects in the Mid West I’ve always loved writing , promoting and performing with such greats as Carlos Santana , John Schlitt , John Lawry , August Zadra and many more.The Phil Marshall Band was an original Christian and cover band , Fire and Ice also went along the lines of original hard rock and now SFO a Tribute to Journey with a Salute to Foreigner and Kansas which Iam very proud of since its conception.