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    Steve Witzigman, top of his class Drummer from PIT in Hollywood California, has a reputation for being one of the top hitters in the music industry. It is rumored, his mother had to provide permission slips for him to start performing in clubs at the age of 15.

    During the 80's, he sported BIG hair, eyeliner, and spandex. His tours across the country began with "Employer", and "Code Blue". This musical journey  of the past 30 years, has led him down many paths( too many to list). If you want to hear note for note Journey, Steve will rock your world!

    His past Journey tribute bands have included," Separate Ways", "Wheel In The Sky", and "Revelation". Undoubtedly his passion and experience have earned him his reputation. JOURNEY, is his wheelhouse.

    SFO A TRIBUTE TO JOURNEY, has welcomed Steve Witzigman with "Open Arms". He is ready to take this musical "JOURNEY" straight to the top!